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feeling a lot better today! I cooked banana chocolate chip pancakes on and off while listening to Prince all morning (association w/ starfish and coffee) , had people over (becca, her boyfriend, and lynn) Lynn and i talked about feminism and general gossip and what qualities people judge other people by and why (speculation) I made a giant pot of chicken soup, and went with moomin to the cartoon art museum. we both liked it. then we read in yerba buena park in the sun for a while, discussed beanworld and other bookish things and remarked upon the day and the city.

i am still not really 100% but functional and lively most of the day!!

i read ladies of grace adieu, un lun dun, finished the pat parker book, plowing through shameless hussy (works of alta up to 1980) and am midway through re-reading Strange & Norrell, which I think Moomin will greatly enjoy. (He loves a book with fictional footnotes) He is liking his kindle and some sort of complicated minecraft mod where you can morph into other things and it labels where the other mods have all come from (which he explains to me charmingly as if i naturally would understand it all)

Date: 2014-04-05 10:43 pm (UTC)
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I can understand why Moomin would have that assumption.

Your reading capacity is awesome. It's like knowing there are billions of gallons of fresh water in Antartica.

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