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Woke up to coffee, pastry, eggs, lively conversation in the lounge. I went off down State Street in the sunny weather with wiredferret to look in shop windows which turned quickly into buying two dresses and a shirt. Both dresses have pockets and are cute over jeans (at least in my mind).

Bought a truly amazing object to donate to the Tiptree auction: a purple sequinned cat face thong. The front is a cat face applique completely covered in sequins. The back part of the thong, or gstring, or whatever you call it, is a much tinier cat face. This is an important part of WisCon to document, so here is a link to the photo of the sparkling cat face thong: If you think about this object, the beauty of it is that its wearer's pubic hair can be like the cat's whiskers! There were also misandry socks available at a different store.

Had lunch with wiredferret and skye at himal chuli. Discussed children, books, ailments, comic books, feminism, gossip, the con, our lives in general, work, etc. I have many book recs from people over the day, written in the back of my program booklet, which I'll type up tomorrow. skye and i walked up to the capitol building and came across what looked like maybe a choir performance. as we got nearer i realized it sounded like protest songs. Then, yes, they had tshirts and signs that proclaimed the the solidarity singers and were just starting the Internationale which I heartily sang. We got a songbook, or I did. It was like staunch lutherans singing hymns except, not; more like pete seeger would have been quite proud (and probably was) There were good musicians, excellent singers doing harmony & many old guys with beards and flannel shirts jumping around like crickets. And a couple of people in suits. They have been doing sing alongs of protest from noon to 1pm every weekday for the last 3 years at the capitol, sometimes in the building and sometimes outside. It was beautiful and amazing. By now they've been arrested so many times it's ridiculous and they are trying to make them all go to jury trials. Here is a sample arrest of a very small 80 year old lady with white hair and birkenstocks being handcuffed by looming police officers: Apparently it took several to subdue her singing "Oh Freedom" with the words changed to be about Wisconsin. Check out what one of her kids says about it: Many WisCon folks were there supporting and singing. I had no idea this was a big thing though I remember when they started arresting people at the protests I did come back from last WisCon with a "Resist Tyranny" button that must be related.

Then off to the feminist utopias redux panel. We stirred up the surface of it but I didn't feel it went super deep. I'm inspired to go back and read/critique some of them now, which is a good thing.

Then the diversity in comics panel. I got to twittering hard in that because it was exciting.

Dinner at The Fountain with sparkymonster, skye, and therotund, fabulous company and conversation!

had a rest in the room with hypatia then went to have a drink in the lounge, long conv with janet L. about some YA fic (including Caught in Crystal and hexwood, her panel trouble with susans, read a fic of hers which was stunning, saw annalee briefly, then to the last half of the Reconciliation panel which was extremely good.

Then I was going to go to the parties quickly but instead ended up in the hotel bar (not drinking) talking with skud, jenn m.b., her friend buzz, arrate, timmi and tom. timmi telling stories of her early writing period in 1981-86 in louisiana for a couple of years of that writing long letters to people about things she observed out the window and just around town. we discussed problem of having many, many papers and letters and projects finished, abandoned, forgotten, unfinished, etc.

Maybe if I wake up early I will storify or otherwise record my twitter note taking here. twitter is not ideal but there are definitely people reading, entertained, informed and talking back so it's fun.

OK, i love wiscon, i love everyone, i am exhausted and running on fumes & painkiller already on day 1. must pace myself better tomorrow.

Date: 2014-05-26 01:37 am (UTC)
bibliofile: Fan & papers in a stack (from my own photo) (Default)
From: [personal profile] bibliofile
Pacing, such a good idea.

One of the singalong people was [personal profile] jaeleslie, I believe. Possibly her neighbor Jenny playing accordion (I know she does, sometimes).

Date: 2014-05-27 03:43 pm (UTC)
From: [personal profile] alexbayleaf
Whoa, misandry socks? WHERE?

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