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I hit the end of my energy yesterday but took more tramadol and forged onward. Then to dinner with co-workers and back to the hotel by 10. I had nightmares and nasty allergies waking up and wanting to take painkillers (I didn't).

Staying in bed this morning, with lots of coffee, allergy meds, tylenol. maybe the rain makes me extra achy. despite the coffee I already could fall back asleep. 11am meeting then maybe a nap. I feel sad that conferences are basically too much for me to handle. maybe if I approach differently and leave them after half days, strictly enforcing rest in bed. that's what I'll do tomorrow. Tonight is hack night so I need to drag myself up by, say, 5pm and be mentally keen for a few hours. Then back to bed for me.

Date: 2014-06-27 03:12 am (UTC)
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Hope you survived that day and woke up feeling caffeine-ready.

My conference strategy is "every other event," plus nap before dinner. I hate it and do it anyway.

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