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The conferences were lovely!! I'm glad to be home! I'm hoping to have a super restful weekend and read a lot & not try to do EVERYTHING AT ONCE.

Bad night last night with pain like horrible nightmare state of pain and dozing and waking up to read my book then dozing off again.

All ending just fine though as I woke up and had some toast and coffee and tramadol in in bed, wrote a slapdash blog post, and a couple of hours later was fine... & off to the conference.

I had to go back to my hotel earlier than planned to return the scooter to the rental people who had come three times for it and had been calling me!

Train, portal hacking, airport, etc. all pretty smooth. It was a small plane with no jetway but it had a ramp instead of stairs. I got a push up the ramp. gorgeous views from the plane. SFO also went smoothly. I blew up like 10 portals on the way out and spotted another obvious ingress player.

Children! games! cat! fascinating gossip and links from zond7!

For casual (middle of night) reading I am on book 9 of these strangely interesting but very racist Australian mysteries from the 30s by Arthur Upfield. Basically his detective, who is mixed race white and aboriginal, is the most successful kick ass detective inspector of murders in the country and has a free rein to go work in whatever way he wants on interesting homicides. He visits every kind of australian region. The next to last one was about swordfishing and reefs which I thought of as "arthur upfield takes a vacation". The bits I like are basically the odd and kind of bad writing style , the history and slang (for whatever they reflect of the time) and trying to figure out what is even going on with the race and class stereotypes (like reading agatha christie).

Then I ran out of Upfields and moved on to Phryne Fisher mysteries which were written more recently but which are set in post-WWI australia. Book one is all about cocaine and illegal abortion but with long glorious descriptions of the rich flapper detective girl's outfits. The day she got off her cruise ship from england she changed outfits at least 5 times and then went off to buy an amazing designer dress with jet beads and mink trim which was bizarrely the sort of thing I would have written in my harry potter fanfic when I was 12 if I had been 12 at a possible time for doing that. I believe she also had a velvet cape and a little handbag with a tiny gun in it. The somewhat anachronistic bits are perfectly gratifying and also a great antidote to some of the gender politics in Upfield. (Though there is good stuff happening there too - fierce horseback riding wood chopping ranch women who smoke cigars etc. that balance out the cloyingly wholesome tea serving boring ones but even they always do something practical or have some work.)

I feel so relaxed now that I'm home and I woudl like to try not to work but I am worried about work anyway since I fell way behind.

To the trashy novels!!! and bed!

Date: 2014-06-29 02:47 pm (UTC)
From: [personal profile] alexbayleaf
Where did you find those Upfield novels? Are they online somewhere, or are you reading hardcopy?

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