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It's been a couple or three years since I got the nerve up to go to the dentist. Last time the office was ratty and difficult to navigate and though I tried to go to the most lesbianly possible dentists office I got a dude with giant hands cleaning my teeth and who kind of slurp-wheezed when he talked and also who was trying to be "jolly" all of which was like a recipe to freak me out. So I didn't go back.

This time I scoured the women dentists of yelp, who can also do root canals in case I need one, who I can get to easily on the bus and/or who have "high tech" machinery like a digital xray capability (because that just seems so sensible and you end up with a useful file.)

The office has a tiny lift behind the receptionist's chair. Lift full of boxes and fans and junk and, yeah. And she had to move out of the way to let me in it, and it has no button inside it so there was a lot of embarrassing fuss. Not good... I nearly left at that point. Then the xray machine was in a sort of alcove RIGHT THERE opening into the top of the steps (still visible from the lobby and basically.... part of the lobby) So no privacy for the moment when I burst into tears at the xray thing in my mouth (Because I can never help it. However, I did not actually barf, so, success?)

Then there was another xray machine where you have to stand up and it rotates around your head.

The actual dentist was nice. I have two cavities forming under cracked fillings. 20 year old fillings, at least that old. Not so bad! They will give me valium and laughing gas for the fillings thank god. I hope not in the middle of the lobby.

I felt so emotionally rattled I came home, cried secretly, had a shot of rum, and then made cookies with A. (after making us dinner).
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