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Super last minute impulsive decision to go to the opera as irontongue said there were many tickets and it was the last performance of Jenufa and was amazing. I will always listen to her because she is always right!!! I avoided any spoilers but studied the family tree of the characters beforehand. Anyway I needed to be less despondently staring at the wall and feeling hurty. Took half a painkiller and gritted my teeth. I then ended up getting a 3rd ticket suddenly for Moomin and glad I did because he enjoyed its excellence! Though, expensive impulse. Worth it.

From the notes in my lap in tiny notebook, in act 1 (no spoilers, they are just amusing)

* What colors!!! Wheat!!!!! Bitching about labor!
* Yay old Grandma with the cane !
* Laca: I want my half of the mill!" Jenufa: "You are so rude to Grandma!" (repeat)
* That rock coming out the boards is amazing and violent
* She is cuddling a succulent and singing to it
* Do succulents symbolize work now or what
* OMG a song about how reading is great! Dramatic book solo!!!! Moomin elbowing me!
* Twist on the drinking song, v. dark
* Swaggering!! different arrogant swaggers
* Why is she cuddling a boot?

At the end I commented I liked the silent (mostly) wandering of the grandma back and forth and zond7 commented she was like Pong. (True)

Her (stepmom's) pride, and strength, and sureness of herself most of the time, I had to identify, appallingly.

It was AMAZING and I loved it especially the gorgeous, perfectly played music, kostelnicka's pure toned effortless feeling voice, which constantly gave me shivers (I am one of those people who horripilates pleasurably and often, all the way down from scalp to mid-thigh, at things like music, dramatic inevitability, geologic splendor, or videos of factory machinery; also getting into hot baths) and the Xtreme Drama. I also really loved the set design, a LOT. Simple and stark but also lush with colors and wood and the giant rock, and beautiful geometry & lighting. Hello triangles. The snowfall part gave me the shivers (that I constantly had anyway from kostelnicka's singing and the tragic drama lyrics) Must say also the dresses and swaggering-guy outfits were perfection.

Very tired, my left leg back of the thigh cramped all the way from middle of act 2 onwards. I had some port in a thermos. I cannot seem to stretch it. Ankles dead. Muscle relaxants now.... But, I feel so much better emotionally....

Also we were running late as the first cab driver was being rude to me about the scooter (as zond7 and moomin loaded it into the trunk) and then declared he needed to stop by the liquor store. I said I wasn't comfortable riding with him so we got out and then 2nd cab took a while. But the driver was nice and got us there in champion time through heavy traffic leaving us across Van Ness. We then had like 8 minutes to get in, and on the curb realized my scooter was missing a crucial bolt and would not bear weight!!!!! What to do, maybe would have to take new cab home missing expensive freaking opera. But, not admitting defeat kept head and shoved in an allen wrench from my secret tiny tool pouch in the scooter canvas basket, and secured it with the silicone-rubber band of one of the scooter lights plus my barrette, and then made it in to the opera (Leaning heavily to the left so as not to break the wobbly wrench, probably why my leg is cramping) And through the dress circle doors JUST as they closed and the lights went out. I felt a rush of triumphant determination and willpower (kostelnicka-ishly competent, probably a witch) and my anger of the last couple of weeks melted away.
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