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Aug. 5th, 2016 08:07 pm
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Bitching about health. You are warned!

Sick all week with weird stomach ailment that seems to just be about everything hurting and being inflamed. Same thing as other times. Starts with vague bloated feeling, becomes bad pain in lower right with strong memories of what ectopic pregnancy feels like (making me worry about appendicitis) Super strong nausea and no appetite. At worst I am not feeling able to really breathe right. sorry this truly sounds weird. That only lasted about a day though.

Then it all sort of shifts a few days into it and I get reflux when I drink or try to eat. I can only drink half a cup at a time and have to stay sitting upright, which is hard because I'm also exhausted. Food since Sunday noon, most of it yesterday and today: Scattered handfuls of blueberries. Half a cup of chicken noodle soup. Two pieces of toast with a scrape of jam. About a cup and a half of congee with shredded chicken and 2 packets of seaweed snacks. The congee really keeps me going I think.

After I eat anything it hurts. I guess this is the "plain old gastritis" phase where the rest of me is ok but my stomach is inflamed. Walking or doing anything that jolts me (such as riding my scooter or in theory, going in a car) hurts very much. It's like a painful brick where my stomach used to be.

I haven't been working or leaving the house. I tried today, going 2 blocks to cafe st. jorge, but had to drive my scooter very slowly, and by the time I got there was ready to go home. Left Moomin there with lunch and came slowly back. Dizzy and ready to just stay still in bed some more.

It helps a lot once I eat or drink (in tiny amounts), not to move (or move very slowly) for an hour or so.

It helps to meditate and breathe deeply and relax my ... i don't know what it is.. maybe my diaphragm. Anyway whatever that is it helps with the pain a lot.

I doze off asleep often, which is not usual for me. Napping helps a lot. Even trying to nap helps.

Nights were bad but have gotten much better. I am mostly sleeping through the night now with a 4-5am hour of sitting up on the couch with a book and kleenex and allergy medicine.

Today I had more energy and did some very minor house chores. I cleared off the counter to the sink and trash (something that requires no steps - small kitchen) and wiped it clean nicely. Satisfying! And I folded a load of laundry. I have been able to keep my bedside area of the room (really the only area of the room... it's very small room!) tidy.

It has gotten better many times and I trust it will again!

It always seems to me like "other people" have some problem similar and they are not felled for a week or weeks.... Maybe they are, but I never hear about it.

D. stayed home the first half of the week, which made everything a lot easier for me. Many times I get sick and no one does the domestic work (not casting any aspersions... just, that's how it is) I tend to get a bit stressed at things being This time D. did all the things I would normally do shopping, laundry, trash, cat box, just whatever Moomin did a lot of laundry, made himself frozen dinners and omelets, dealt with the trash bins and swept the front sidewalk nicely at my request. He shopped for his own dinner and cooked it tonight.

Still, a hard week and I can tell i'm not going to be instantly back in action by Monday even if I will be back at work. "My" firefox version is in beta now, which is a stressful 6 week phase of the job and the rest of my team has had to cover me this week (and the 2 weeks before while I was on vacation). I may not be fully able to do stuff by Monday but I want to try. Partly because the more control I have during that final 6 weeks, the better (and easier) as I have to hold a lot of information in my head and track a lot of things. I will need to run some meetings which is the part I feel least up to and I also really don't want to deal with any sudden conflicts. What I may be able to do is draw a hard stop each day, and also declare that anything that doesn't make my deadlines is just too bad. (For any situations where I can't or shouldn't say no, I could try to arrange to have extra backup.) We will see.

Also looming I have a back injection (steroids in sacroiliac) next Wednesday. The thought of the usual mild systemic boost I get from that makes me wonder if it woudl help my general inflammation. Though actually eating prednisone is probably the opposite of what one should do since it would trash your stomach.... I don't know. I would also miss that day of work. I could postpone it another month or two.

Meanwhile, while sick in bed, I have been playing one of the Glitch re-makes, Children of Ur. And then I started writing its newspaper. http://childrenofur.com/forums/thread?id=211
That's how I can really tell I'm doing a bit better!
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