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Dream with a friend

Stuck in bed this weekend, brief outings to back yard. I can't put much weight on my right (bad) leg from sciatica style pain running down from the back. But, different than many other times as the main concentration is in my foot and side/back of the calf rather than stabby in the low back or pelvis. Coping OK after the first day of it.

[personal profile] brainwane was in my dream last night. I had just launched another beta of Firefox (which i am actually in the middle of twice a week in real life, thanks, literal dreams). We were hanging out in her driveway overlooking a canal with little boats in it, talking deeply about things. She had the same scooter as me for some reason. I suddenly realized my beta release had a giant crash caused by a mixed content policy bug I had just uplifted before the build. So in the dream I was going "hang on brainwane I want to hear this story but I just have to email (*specific person who actually exists and works on that project*) about the bug and turn off updates. Typing behaved in the wonky way it does in dreams but I managed to read the bug and send the email!! I think it is hilarious that I dreamed about the feelings of regret of having accepted a patch for uplift without requiring enough testing beforehand in late beta. ok, my brain.... !

Then we went inside to cook dinner together and I folded some loads of her laundry on the couch as we kept talking. It was very cozy and domestic. Can't remember what we were rambling about though.
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If you're on salary at least you're getting paid for this workaday dream. Did Brainwane's presence relate to bug-hunting?
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This sounds so lovely! I am very happy for my dream-self that she got to hang out with you, and I'm happy for you that you had such a fun dream! Also I admire your diligence in dream-release management. Do you remember what dinner we made? Thanks for folding my laundry! Very kind of you.

Another interesting dream featuring me, from a few years ago.